These photographs show some of the different areas the children can access during continuous provision.  The resources are labelled to ensure that learning opportunities are maximised even when children are tidying away e.g. the labels encourage the children to read numbers, place the correct number of objects into a pot, identify the properties of shapes etc.  Labelling differs in the Year 1 classroom compared to the Year 2 classroom as labels are linked to the expectations for these year groups e.g. in Year 2 it may say 3 x 2 on a pot for the number of scissors needed whereas in Year 1 this may be written as 3 + 3 = 6.  Enhancements are added in each area to supplement different topics and the children’s interests.

Throughout Early Years and Year One the children have daily opportunities to use continuous provision to enhance their learning opportunities and to develop their own ideas and interests.  Opportunities are carefully planned to ensure progression from Nursery to Year 1 and staff are developing continuous provision plans for each area of learning.

Our Year One children are introduced to weekly challenges where they can independently apply skills which have previously been taught.  This allows children to demonstrate their understanding which in turn allows staff to plan the next steps in the children’s learning journey.  

After reading the story ‘Not a stick’ the children’s challenge was to collect their own stick and use their imagination like the character in the book to turn it into something else.  The children turned sticks into boats, a digger, cars, a wand and even a lipstick.  The children followed the pattern in the story to write their own sentences based on their pictures.  Take a look at the children’s independent work.