Green screen is often associated with big blockbuster Hollywood films including film franchises such as Harry Potter, allowing Harry to fly his broomstick through the skies. However, teachers at The Stour Academy Trust have been using this engaging and innovative technology in their classrooms, adding a new and exciting dimension to their lessons.

Green Screen 1

Harry Potter flying through the skies with the magic of green screen.

With the combination of a green screen in the background of a video and video editing app, children are able to remove the green background and replace it with an image or video of their choice. Children can share a story or get into character using a background setting of their choice, for example a News Studio for news reports, a Castle for a story about Kings and Queens and much, much more!

Using Green screen in the classroom enables children to discuss, evaluate or reflect on their learning using their imagination and digital skills. Its use can provide children with an engaging purpose for creating a piece of work whilst giving them opportunities to be creative not only in the filming process but also in their written work.

This is an excellent example of the Redefinition category of the SAMR Model framework where technology allows for the creation of new tasks that we previously inconceivable.

We have also started to create specialist green screen studios in our schools which provide children with a much more immersive experience.