Stour Teach 1

What is Stour Teach?

Stour Teach is a new initiative that gives trainee teachers an opportunity to secure a teaching job before they have fully completed their teacher training.

Who can apply?

Trainee teachers who will receive QTS before September 2023.

How does it work?

Sign up to Stour Teach to declare your interest.

We invite you to an interview.

If your interview is successful, we add you to our teaching talent pool.

When we have a teaching vacancy available, we let you know about it before we advertise the position online.

(We may know of vacancies many months in advance of the traditional teacher resignation dates!)

If the position interests you and you are due to achieve QTS, we will give you the job on the spot – no other interview required!

Depending on when you finish your training, there is potential to start working before the August holidays – meaning you can receive a comprehensive induction and get paid over the summer!