Our values

Our collaborative approach facilitates equitable group working where all are enabled to share responsibility, to have collective ownership, to make substantive decisions and work interdependently.

We support the school community in leading a happy and fulfilling life. We recognise that there can be challenges at time and our approach to nurture develops skills to enable moving forward with confidence.

Our approach ensures equity through a pedagogy that adapts the curriculum to deliver an inclusive, personalised learning approach. We welcome diversity and difference as strengths and recognise that inclusion is an active process. As part of this we take a pro-active approach to addressing inequality or discrimination. We recognise that everyone has a positive and valuable contribution to make.

Our approach is underpinned by high ambition for all. Our environments promote the courage to try, to persevere and to see mistakes as opportunities to learn.

Our approach enables the whole school community to put their ideas into practice in the real world. We celebrate everyone’s unique talent and supporting all to prepare for life beyond the school.