Thistle Hill Academy Showcases Creative Learning in Butterflies and Bumblebees Classes

This term at Thistle Hill Academy, the Butterflies and Bumblebees classes engaged in a series of vibrant and educational activities, combining the wonders of colour exploration with the excitement of global discovery.

Both classes embarked on a journey through the world of primary colours. Butterflies class explored colour mixing by creating a colour wheel and using innovative methods like fingerprints and coloured water to mix and discover new hues. Similarly, Bumblebees delved into the magic of colours by painting on colour wheels and mixing red, yellow, and blue water, creating a visual feast of new colours.

The journey didn’t stop at colours. The Butterflies class had an enriching afternoon learning about the seven continents of the world. Utilising the Orboot app, they enhanced their learning experience with technology, gaining a wealth of information about each continent. To aid their memory, they learned a catchy song about the continents, demonstrating a fun and musical approach to geography.

In a thematic shift, Bumblebees class introduced their new topic, “Cold, Cold, Cold,” focusing on the Arctic and Antarctica. This topic was brought to life through engaging role play and drama, allowing the children to immerse themselves in the cold environments of these distant lands. They learned about the unique features and differences between the Arctic and Antarctica, enriching their understanding of the world’s polar regions.

Colorful classroom scene depicting a color wheel with primary colors, a globe, a tablet displaying a geographic app, alongside penguin figures and miniature icebergs, symbolising Arctic and Antarctic explorations, representing the educational activities at Thistle Hill Academy.

Both Butterflies and Bumblebees classes showcased their enthusiasm for learning through these interactive and creative activities. Thistle Hill Academy continues to emphasise the importance of engaging and hands-on educational experiences, fostering a love for learning in every child. Find out more about Thistle Hill Academy at