The Stour Academy Trust Rewind 2021-22

This year has seen a huge transformation in almost every aspect of our Multi-Academy Trust.

➡️Through the use of digital technology and inclusive environments, children have been able to remove barriers to learning themselves, giving them the cognitive and social-emotional skills necessary for them to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

➡️Through rich, interactive and highly personalised lessons, our teachers have been able to deliver truly memorable and joyful learning experiences to our children .

➡️With a willingness to upskill their practice and share it back to the community, our staff have come together to form a community of learners, who are self-driven and encouraged to take risks

➡️With systemic collaboration and the embracing of robotic process automation tools our operational departments are helping to drastically streamline processes to enable staff to focus on more meaningful tasks.

With a clear vision for education, our journey at The Stour Academy Trust has only just begun.

Thank you to all of our staff who have made this transformative year such a success and thank you to our wonderful children – the reason why we are all here!

We can’t wait for next year!