The Stour Academy Trust Celebrates a Fantastic Science Week Across Its Schools

The Stour Academy Trust Celebrates a Fantastic Science Week Across Its Schools

From conducting experiments to participating in a school’s first annual science fair, each school in The Stour Academy Trust brought its unique touch to celebrating science, making it a Science Week 2024 a week to remember.

At Sturry Primary School, Otter class dived deep into the world of camouflage by crafting camouflage moths and ingeniously hiding them around the room, creating an interactive game of hide and seek that combined art with science. The exploration didn’t stop there; the use of Orbots to learn about dinosaurs added a digital twist!

Water Meadows Primary School concluded their Science Week with a bang by hosting their first annual science fair. Children proudly presented their scientific findings to visiting adults. The event was a testament to the hard work and dedication of both students and staff, with a special nod to Mrs. Tandy, whose efforts in planning and organising the week’s activities were instrumental in its success.

At Lansdowne Primary School, the celebration of science took a hands-on approach with a day full of experiments themed around the concept of time. With the help of every adult in the school, children from different year groups tackled various projects – from designing futuristic farms to understanding pendulums and animal adaptations.

Finberry Primary School saw the Avocets class embark on a delicious scientific journey with their jelly experiment. The young scientists meticulously measured the water and jelly mixture to ensure a fair test, aiming to discover how the presence of different fruits affects the setting time of jelly. This tasty experiment not only taught them about scientific methods but also introduced concepts of chemistry in everyday life.

Lastly, Richmond Primary School’s Kestrels experimented with slime, balloons, and light. These activities were designed to ignite curiosity and provide hands-on learning experiences, proving that science can be as entertaining as it is educational.

Each school’s unique activities highlighted the importance of science education and it was clear that the curiosity and enthusiasm for science within the Trust’s schools are stronger than ever.

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