Tackling the Digital Divide with The AIM Group

The Stour Academy Trust has partnered with The AIM Group to offer parents the chance to upskill their personal or professional development and at the same time, begin to tackle the digital divide.

The AIM Group are offering free, government-funded, nationally recognised, Level 2 courses to parents across The Stour Academy Trust. Should the courses prove popular with parents, The AIM Group are prepared to make a charitable donation of around £5,000 worth of laptops to supply to children who do not have access to one at home.

Tackling the Digital Divide with The AIM Group 1
The AIM Group are offering fully funded Level 2 qualifications to parents at The Stour Academy Trust

Tommy Cullen, Chief Operating Officer:

Serving some of the most disadvantaged children in the county, the Trust has first-hand experience of seeing how digital poverty can severely hinder a child’s education.

Although the gap between the have and have nots was always apparent, the lockdowns have caused us to reflect on just how difficult it can be for our most disadvantaged children when they go home.

Our budgets just cannot stretch to providing children with their own equipment to use at home and we are thrilled to receive support from The AIM Group.

Lewis Mazdon, CEO, The AIM Group & AIM Group Foundation:

As a company we are always welcoming opportunities to be able to support local communities around England and give back through our foundation.

We are honoured to be working with The Stour Academy trust to be able to provide both free qualifications to teaching staff and parents, along with a donation of £5000 worth of laptops to those in more need.

The pandemic has been challenging to everyone in many ways; to provide a computer device to children will not only support their education but their future!

Courses available to parents from the AIM Group are:

You can read an FAQ about how the courses work here: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in taking one of the courses, you can follow the link below:

The Stour Academy Trust would welcome any support from local companies or organisations who may have devices that are no longer of use but would consider donating. Alternatively, any charitable donations towards purchasing a device for a child to use at home would be gratefully appreciated. However small a gift, we would ensure that it directly improves a child’s access to education.

Please Contact Us if you are able to support us.