Tackling the Digital Divide with The AIM Group – DONTATION UPDATE

One of the gaps not often discussed in education is the digital divide – not having access to technology that risks leaving students behind and may limit them reaching their potential in the future.

The AIM Group, who offer free, government-funded, nationally recognised, Level 2 courses to parents, were able to support The Stour Academy Trust in its objective to tackle the digital divide by donating 13 laptops to families at Thistle Hill Academy.

In an area with some of the most disadvantaged children in the county, Thistle Hill Academy has first-hand experience of seeing how digital poverty can severely hinder a child’s education and how budgets just cannot stretch to provide children with their own equipment to use at home.

Tackling the Digital Divide with The AIM Group - DONTATION UPDATE 1
13 Laptops have been donated to Thistle Hill Academy by The AIM Group

Tommy Cullen, Chief Operating Officer, The Stour Academy Trust:

“We provide all children with the skills at school with equality of provision but some children are falling behind due to no access to technology at home. This prevents them from completing independent research when they are excited about a new topic; it means they cannot use their skills to produce digital homework like their peers to name just a couple of their disadvantages.

“We are absolutely thrilled that The AIM Group was able to support our cause to tackle the digital divide whilst also giving our parents and staff the opportunity to upskill their personal or professional development. The Laptops they have donated will be given to children who do not have access to one at home.”