Supporting Learning Together: The Stour Academy Trust’s Tech Events for Parents

The Stour Academy Trust has undertaken an innovative approach to education by hosting a series of technology events focused on empowering parents. These events are part of the Trust’s broader initiative to ensure that learning is a collaborative journey, involving not just children and teachers but also the families that support them.

At the heart of the events held across primary schools in Kent, was the objective to demystify the digital tools and technologies that are becoming increasingly integral to the Trust’s 21st vision for education. Through hands-on experiences with augmented and virtual reality, interactive globes, robotics, and digital content creation tools, the Trust aimed to provide parents with a deeper understanding of the digital environment their children navigate daily.

Parent Tech events took place across the eight schools in the Trust.

By familiarising them with platforms like Microsoft Teams and OneNote, the events equipped parents with the knowledge and skills to engage in their child’s learning process actively. Feedback from the events highlighted the value parents found in these opportunities. Many expressed a newfound appreciation for the role of technology in education and felt better equipped to support their children’s learning at home.

Antoinette Hamilton, Digital Teaching and Learning Lead for The Stour Academy Trust said:

“The success of these events has underscored the importance of parental involvement in the educational process and has set the stage for ongoing engagement and training sessions. This was not just about showing parents the tools. These tech events represent a significant step forward in creating a more inclusive and collaborative educational community in our schools.”