Stour Academy Trust Schools Embrace Coronation Festivities: A Week-Long Celebration of King Charles’ Coronation

In honour of the coronation of King Charles III, all schools within The Stour Academy Trust held week-long themed activities, culminating in a grand coronation party on Friday. Parents were invited to join the celebrations, bringing the community together to embrace the spirit of unity and festivity.

Throughout the week, the schools engaged in a wide array of activities, embracing creativity and enthusiasm among students, teachers, and parents alike. Students delved into research about King Charles III, wrote non-chronological reports, and crafted congratulatory cards and artwork for the new King. Culinary skills were on display as schools held coronation bake-offs, while picnics in school halls and on fields brought people together to share food and conversation.

Creative performances and artistic pursuits featured prominently in the celebrations. Each year group from Lansdowne Primary School showcased coronation-themed acts that highlighted British culture and royalty, while Finberry Primary School students created bunting and practiced maypole routines for the grand picnic. Several schools offered face painting, bracelet making, and a variety of stalls, ensuring that there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Thistle Hill Academy on the Isle of Sheppey, created a lively atmosphere with a diverse range of activities, promoting unity and delight among children, parents, and staff. A picnic in the school hall provided a relaxed setting for the school community to come together, while children enjoyed the excitement of bouncy castles. The presence of alpacas added a unique touch, captivating attendees of all ages. Bakers demonstrated their skills in bake-offs, and cake stalls offered a delicious array of treats. A crown parade showcased children’s creativity, adding a royal flair to the celebration. An ice cream van satisfied everyone’s cravings, and temporary tattoo stations encouraged fun self-expression! These elements came together to form an unforgettable day for the Thistle Hill community, encapsulating a true sense of festivity and togetherness.

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The Stour Academy Trust is proud to have brought the community together to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. The week-long festivities showcased the enthusiasm, creativity, and unity that characterise the schools within the trust.

“We are incredibly proud of the way our schools came together to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. Witnessing the creativity, enthusiasm, and unity among the students, parents, and staff has been truly heartwarming. As part of our commitment to inclusivity, we were delighted to ensure that food was available for all children during the celebrations, allowing every student to fully enjoy the festivities together. It is moments like these that showcase the strength and spirit of The Stour Academy Trust community,” Tommy Cullen, Chief Operating Officer.