Sheppey School’s transformation continues

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Two primary schools on the Isle of Sheppey were both pleased to receive a letter from local MP Gordon Henderson, congratulating the schools on their 2019 Key Stage 2 results.

Both Richmond Academy in Sheerness and Thistle Hill Academy in Minster have shown an increase in the proportion of KS2 pupils reaching the expected standards in reading, writing and maths from last year.

Letter from Gordon Henderson MP

Helen Evemy, Headteacher at Richmond Academy said:

“We were delighted to receive this letter from our local MP today, recognising the great journey we are on. We’ve invited Gordon Henderson MP in so that he can come and see Richmond for himself! Thank you everyone for your continuing support!”

A spokesperson for The Stour Academy Trust commented:

“These letters are confirmation of the start of the turnaround in fortunes for both Thistle Hill and Richmond Academy. Both schools on the Island have received substantial investment from the Trust in all respects, from building refurbishment to bringing in outstanding teachers and leaders. Parents at both schools are well aware of the transformation they are seeing but it is wonderful to see the schools being recognised by those outside of the school gates.”

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