Reading on the Isle of Sheppey goes viral!

Two primary schools on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent have been overwhelmed after their efforts to promote reading went viral.

Created to launch a reading initiative to promote reading in school and at home, both Thistle Hill in Minster on Sea and Richmond Academy in Sheerness have had their fun reading themed music videos viewed over 20 thousand times in the past two weeks.

The videos show staff and children reading books in a variety of different places across the schools whilst they dance along to reading inspired lyrics.

Both schools have taken inspiration from CBeebies to share clips of their EYFS teachers reading bedtime stories as part of an initiative to promote a love of literature which have been well received by parents of the schools and the local community.

“We felt a really engaging way to promote a love of literature was to film our teachers reading their favourite books and then encourage our parents to watch the video at home with their children. We have invested a lot of money in high-quality books and reading incentives in school, but wanted to look at other ways of developing children’s interest and inspiring their reading at home.”

The schools plan to release a video every two weeks for children and their parents to enjoy at home. The school’s websites will then dedicate a whole page to the bank of videos so that parents and children can access them at any time.