Our collaborative model

Our model of collaborative standardisation is the engine for raising standards and meeting the needs of all pupils across the Trust.

Our approach, whether it be engagement with learning, ensuring good behaviour, or sharing a common school day, is decided, reviewed and adjusted through a collaborative process.  It is a collective view of best practice that is applied, not a top down approach.  This has the benefit of being dynamic; if a better approach comes along – for example, self-differentiation, our approach to the teaching of reading or Singapore Maths, then after discussion and testing, this becomes the new standard, the new practice across the whole Trust.

Our more streamlined and sharper governance aims to reduce burdens on headteachers, provide clear and timely information to the MAT Board and help to ensure that local advisory boards, Trustees, school leaders and teachers all play to their strength.

Our standardised ‘Assessment Cycle’, incorporating teacher assessment, moderation, pupil progress, interventions, quality assurance and strategic oversight by senior leaders and governance, is at the heart of our approach to raising standards.

Teachers and leaders are brought together to use data, observations and discussion to analyse and understand the progress of pupils and to agree actions, including the allocation of resources and specialist teachers across the Trust, with a sharp and detailed focus on curriculum and pedagogy.

Professional dialogue is supported through the use of standardised tests alongside comprehensive data analysis and reporting.

Strong and Inspirational Leadership

The strong and inspirational leadership of The Stour Academy Trust has been described as Outstanding by Ofsted. Our exceptional Ofsted results from schools within the Trust are demonstrative of our ability to rapidly improve outcomes for children.

“The strong and highly effective collaborative leadership from both the school’s and trust’s leaders has ensured that the quality of teaching and learning remains a constant focus and outcomes for pupils are improving.”

Ofsted, Hersden Village Primary School 2019.

“Since becoming the school’s sponsor in January 2017, officers and trustees of the Stour Academy trust have wasted no time in getting to grips with the many issues that confronted them on their arrival. The chief executive officer (CEO) has overseen a transformation in the culture of the school, raising expectations and putting in place new leadership, policies and procedures.”

Ofsted, Richmond Academy 2019.

“The new headteacher has quickly established a clear and accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. In taking effective action to instigate improvement, she is ably supported by the deputy chief executive officer and two expert curriculum advisers from the trust.”

Ofsted, Thistle Hill Academy 2018

“This is a rapidly improving school due to the effective partnership between leaders from both the school and The Stour Academy Trust.”

Ofsted, Finberry Primary School 2018

“The trust has been instrumental in supporting the headteacher to achieve rapid improvements at Lansdowne. School leaders draw on the wide range of exceptional expertise and support made available to them from within the trust.”

Ofsted, Lansdowne Primary School 2018