Handing in work

When your Teacher wants you to hand in your work so they can see it and give feedback, they will set you an assignment.

When you have been set an assignment by your Teacher, you will receive a notification in three different places.

The best way to see your assignments is to select the Assignment tab in the class team.

There you will see assignments that have been assigned to you.

Select an assignment and you will see the instructions that the Teacher has given you, along with any attached resources.

If you select a resource it will open inside Teams. If the Teacher has allowed it, you can edit the resource and it will become your own copy.

Any changes you make to the document are automatically saved. Select finish and it will take you back to the assignment screen.

You can go back and edit the document as many times as you like.

If you have been asked to upload a photo of your work, you can attach it to the assignment.

Take a photo of your work and upload it to your device.

On the assignment screen, select Add work. You can then attach any photos you have on your device.

When you want to hand in your work to your Teacher. Press the Turn in button. This will send your work to your Teacher.