Digital Transformation

Microsoft Showcase Tours

We are proud to offer Microsoft Showcase Tours at Finberry Primary School and Richmond Academy during each school term. These tours provide an opportunity for staff of other education institutions to explore and witness our Microsoft Showcase Schools in action.

During the Showcase Tours, visitors are given a chance to interact with students and staff who are available to demonstrate and answer questions about the innovative technology and teaching techniques employed at our schools on a daily basis.

During the tours, visitors can observe our focus on collaboration, inclusivity, purposeful integration of technology, and personalised learning in action as children engage with visitors in their classrooms.

Microsoft Showcase Schools are part of a global community of schools that have embraced digital transformation to enhance teaching and learning experiences. These schools employ Microsoft’s Education Transformation Framework to foster a culture of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement. With fewer than 100 schools in the United Kingdom achieving this prestigious status, our Showcase Tours offer a unique insight into the cutting-edge approaches and technologies that set our schools apart.

We invite you to join us on our Showcase Tours and witness firsthand the positive impact that our innovative educational approaches have on our students and the wider community.

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