Core purpose

To improve outcomes for children.


We value children’s well-being and their education above all else. We put the needs of children at the heart of our decision making – children come first.

What drives us?

We have a moral obligation to provide children with the highest standard of teaching and learning.

Leading with a strong vision and clear direction gives our Trust a tremendous opportunity to build on our strengths, become more distinctive and in an ever-changing environment, remain relevant and strong.

Core Purpose 1

What makes our MAT distinct?

  • Firstly, we are a primary school sector only Trust, for children in 4-11 years age range.
  • We put the needs of children at the heart of our decision making – children come first.
  • The well-being of our pupils is our number one priority. Today’s school pupils are growing up in a rapidly changing world, with a wealth of possibilities but many risks and anxieties too, particularly in relation to pupils’ mental health, self-esteem, relationships and their safety, both online and offline.
  • A pro-active ‘can-do’ culture that will seek out solutions to overcome barriers to learning with a sense of urgency. We are not afraid to move out of our comfort zone.
  • A staffing structure that focuses on standards through the establishment of outstanding teams that ensures succession planning at all levels of leadership and across all areas of the curriculum.
  • Our academies follow an established nurturing ethos supported by trained staff to identify and support pupils with any emotional, social or behavioural needs.
  • Our foundations have been grown first before expansion. We will only expand when we have the capacity to do so.
  • A highly skilled back-office staff, supported by the latest technology, that free our teachers to focus on the core task of teaching.
  • Having a multitude of experience in supporting and collaborating with growing and well-established MATs, The Stour Academy Trust welcomes new partnerships with other Multi-Academy Trusts to enhance the provision for all children.