The world around us is changing...

We believe our children deserve an education that will allow them to thrive in this new world.

The Stour Academy Trust are looking for teachers who want to join us on our journey to achieve our vision for education.

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We are looking for teachers who:

Recognise that our current education system needs to radically change to better prepare our young people for the 21st century.
Want to move away from passive forms of learning and move towards interactive teaching methods that promote critical and individual thinking
Are able to take advantage of the latest technology to deliver personalised learning that is accessible for all children, irrespective of their language skills, reading ability or any other factors that may present learning challenges
Want to work with other staff as a community of learners that challenge traditional thinking
Want to develop their own practice to meet the needs of an evolving school system
Want to develop children as life-long, curious learners
Want to build strong relationships with children that facilitate their learning
Want to teach in enabling environments that promote flexibility, collaboration and independence

Why be a teacher at The Stour Academy Trust?

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As a growing and successful Multi Academy Trust, our collaborative model of working allows Teachers access to resources, experience and opportunities that are just not available to those working in stand alone schools.

Over 90% of our Senior Leaders are ‘Home Grown’.

Home Grown
Take your PPA time at home at The Stour Academy Trust

We recognise that people work more effectively when they are able to strike a healthy work-life balance. Teacher well-being is vitally important to us.

All of our teachers:

*This is at the discretion of the Headteacher, professional development will always be seen as a priority.
**After the completion of two years’ continuous service

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We strive to be diverse and inclusive & a place where we can all be ourselves. As a Trust we are committed to improving our way of working to be more inclusive and equal. We believe inclusion for our children starts with inclusion for our adults. We believe we’ll do better by our children if our staff come from different backgrounds and we create an environment of inclusion and belonging for all.

We ensure that policies and procedures should benefit all employees and potential employees, for example in recruitment and promotion, and in continuing professional development: