Bringing learning to life

EYFS at Thistle Hill visited a local farm shop to buy lots of different vegetables. They learnt about how the different vegetables grow and how the farmers get them ready to buy in the shops. In the afternoon they prepared all the vegetables they had bought to make their own soup!

Year 1 at Richmond Academy were learning Bollywood dancing to kick off their topic of Diwali! What a great way to engage children into a topic!

Dragonflies class at Water Meadows Primary had an amazing day at Dover Castle where they learnt more about a significant event that took place during World War II – Operation Dynamo. The children represented the school brilliantly and were able to put their topic into context in a relatable and engaging way.

Year 6 children in the Canterbury Hub experienced a little taste of what life was like for their counterparts living during World War Two. Interactive workshops by ‘ARP (Air Raid Patrol) warden’ Peter O’Sullivan gave pupils hands-on experience of life in wartime Britain.