Together on a journey to excellence

The Stour Academy Trust has a clear vision to transform education.  We value children’s well-being and their education above all else, and put the needs of our children at the heart of all our decision making.

Put simply – children come first.

A collaborative MAT

Our approach, whether it be engagement with learning, ensuring good behaviour, or sharing a common school day, is decided, reviewed and adjusted through a collaborative process. 


Join our collaborative and supportive network of teachers and receive:

Rapid career progression

Due to our collaborative setup, teachers who want greater responsibility have the opportunity to rapidly develop leadership skills.

greater professional development

We value and invest in our staff to give them a range of training and professional development opportunities.

outstanding nqt support

Our induction process ensures that the appropriate guidance, support, training, expectations and observations are provided through a structured but flexible individualised programme.

“Staff value and embrace the high-quality professional development opportunities open to them to enhance and develop their skills.”

Ofsted 2019, Hersden Village Primary School